Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should you register ?

    If you register you can track your car and club progress in the game. After you enter your own car data, you’ll see progress in the list of cars, see screenshot below.

    See this example.

    It will show your actual amount of stars, your car rank and the progress of your blueprints.

  • Club page

    This site was partially built to allow team members easier access to our club stats, compared to using a shared google sheet.

    The basics of our club page are now ready and you can see it here. We use it to track our progress during a season and to see which members are performing (or not).

    You can track the progress for all members, even if they haven’t registered for an account on this site.

    Click here to register

    You only need 2 things to create your club; a name and your unique (in game) club code.

  • Can I reset the blueprints or level on my car stats ?

    Yes, just delete your car ranking and save. That will open up the inputs again.

  • I registered but didn't get an email to verify

    Please check your spam folder. We didn’t setup email settings properly yet.

  • Can I track cars for more than 1 platform ?

    Unfortunately not yet, but we’re working on it.

  • Why do some members have a flag ?

    If you see a flag behind a member’s name, this means he/she is a registered user and has set a country of residence in the profile settings.

  • Where are the 'missing cars' ?

    Since we play on Switch, the game hasn’t ‘evolved’ there as much as it has on global. That’s why all available cars for Switch were done first.

    Most cars on global are already prepared and those will follow shortly. Unfortunately we’re missing a few, but we welcome any input for them.

  • What does the In Game Name field do ?

    The field is tied to the address of your user profile. Your user profile is generated from your IG name. It is also used to ‘distinct’ you from other members in your club.

  • Is the data available through an API ?

    Almost… it’s active but only for certain registered users since it’s not done yet, but all data is planned to be made available to all.

  • How do I manage my club's scores ?

    If you have created your club, you need to add the member’s scores.

    First you start by adding the current club score. This is needed to calculate several values.

    If you click the edit scores link, you will see a page with inputs for 4 stats:
    – name
    – score
    – rep level
    – join date

    The fields are fairly self-explanatory. If you don’t enter a name and score, it won’t show. Easy 🙂

    Score and join date are used to calculate how much score a member should have gotten from season start until now. This is needed because if a member joined after the season started, he/she has had fewer days to get the ‘required rep so far’. This will only work if the required club score has been added in your club settings. This is also needed to calculate which milestone is the next one to get.

    Rep level doesn’t do anything right now. It will in the near future.

    The red cells indicate that this is a field for a member who is NOT registered on the site. If a user is registered and added to your team the name will automatically show in the non-red cells.

    If a user is registered, his/her score will be saved per season so we can create a ‘historical overview’ in a few weeks.

  • What is the My stats page ?

    This page will show some statistics based on the inputs you entered on the “My cars” page.

    It also functions as your profile page, which can only be seen by your club mates.

  • What is the tokens input for on my profile ?

    It does nothing but calculate how many x10 packs you can get.

  • How do I manage my cars ?

    First you need to login to your account.

    Then you go to the My Cars page and you see an overview of all available cars in the game.

    You have 3 input options per car;
    – current rank of car
    – current level of stars (based on your blueprints)
    – amount of blueprints you have for that specific car

    You need to enter the amount of stars because you can have a 3* car without any upgrades applied.

    If you enter the stats, you will see which cars are close to star up like this; the amount of remaining blueprints against an orange background.

    If you enter the max amount of stars for a car or the max amount of blueprints, the inputs for stars and blueprints will be removed, since you maxed them and won’t be needing them anymore.

    IF you made an error, just remove the car rank and they will show again.

  • How do you track a special event ?

    Starting with the Lotus Evija event on Switch, you can track the progress for special events.

    • Step 1: Make sure the needed cars for the event have all their stats updated, because there are many conditions which show/hide inputs.
    • Step 2: Play the stage.
    • Step 3: Enter the amount of rewards you scored for each goal.
    • Step 4: Save the scores.

    That’s it (for now).