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So what is this site all about ?

A9data is a site where you can track your Asphalt 9 game progress. You can track progress in cars, clubs and special events.

As someone who played Asphalt 7 and 8, it took me quite a while to discover Asphalt 9 on iOS, mostly because my iPad, on which I played, was too old to run A9. When I discovered A9 on mobile I started playing again, but when it came out on Switch it went of the hook…

For our own club HotWheels (Switch), I started tracking our progress from day 1 in this Google Sheet. This sheet grew exponentially by the season with more stats that were added. This sheet was heavily used by our club to see who’s performing and who’s not and if and when we expect to reach certain milestones.

Next to that I also kept track of my game progress in a separate sheet (see above). To be able to track all this progress, I needed to have all the car stats available as well in that sheet, so I started collecting data. That took quite a while (and is never done) but in the end I could perfectly track the progress of my cars; which were what rank, which were close to star up etc.

More people got interested, so I decided to build it into a website which could be used by more people/clubs than just ours. And that has become The site is still in its startup stage, so it’s not perfect yet. Styling for one has been ignored so far… Function before style 🙂

You can already register for a user account and start tracking your own car progress. Read the FAQ for more info. Find the disclaimer here and the privacy page here.

Please note, not all cars have been added yet. A few of the special ones are missing. I didn’t play on iOS in a while so I missed quite a few events/updates and so I didn’t unlock all cars properly yet for stats/screenshots. This will follow asap.

I hope you enjoy the site…